Raising Honor Releases Today!

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Today is officially release day for Raising Honor! This is my 8th Love Inspired book, and the 5th book in the Colorado Grooms series. Despite these crazy times, I’m excited to be celebrating this story hitting store shelves. Reading has been such a haven for me during Covid, and I’ve spent as much time as I can this summer between …

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Feeling the feelings

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This week we were supposed to be in Florida for spring break. We planned it about nine months ago, and we’ve been looking forward to the break ever since. Instead, the kids spent the week trapped at home and I’ve been sprinting for the finish line on a book. No beach. No break. I know so many people who have …

Happy Birthday, Mom! (And The Bull Rider’s Secret)

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Yesterday I texted my mom – Aren’t you glad I’m having a book released for your birthday? Crazy enough, today is her 75th birthday and the day The Bull Rider’s Secret is available in stores and online. And September 1st–the day The Bull Rider’s Secret ebook releases–is my 18th wedding anniversary. I’m not sure how that happened, but on numerous occasions I’ve had …

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Dear Kara, You’re on Netflix

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Dear Kara, you’re on Netflix. I can hear you squeal at the thought. Of course that’s without knowing what got you there. I would have pictured that it wasn’t you dying that made this happened. I would have pictured that it was you living and speaking that made your face appear on my television screen. I picture you next to …