Book baby

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Sending a book baby out into the world is always hard. My fingers tighten on the spine. I want to tuck it away in a drawer. Hide it. People could react without love. They could tell me they don’t like it. And this Just Show Up book baby is the most special. This book has my heart on every page. …


It’s here

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Dear Kara, It’s here. It’s the release day for Just Show Up. Can you believe it? Over six months you’ve been gone, dancing in heaven. Honestly, I kind of imagine you in the choir, but totally having a grand old time distracting the people around you with your humor. And when Jesus taps his director stick (what are those called?) …


Our Summer + Just Show Up Giveaway

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I found a stack of Christmas letters and cards this week. So many sweet notes and photos. I think I got halfway through sending them out last year and just gave up. So I’m sorry to those of you who sent one our way and didn’t get one in return. We all know the attempt at Christmas cards from me …


Hey mama

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Hey mama, It’s your birthday. Do they do those in heaven? Or do they only celebrate every thousand years because of forever? I’m guessing if they didn’t have parties before you arrived, they are having one today. You definitely know how to gather a crowd. Don’t have too much fun without us before we get there. You lived more life …