My Favorite (please don’t turn into a This is Us) Crock Pot

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I’m not exactly sure when or how this Crock Pot came into my life. I think it may have been handed down from my mother-in-law to me. At first I didn’t appreciate its vintage 1970’s flair, but I quickly came to love it. I think my first thought was, oh, I guess that size would be good for queso. (Don’t judge. We like copious amounts of queso at a party.) But eventually I came to know the magical powers of this particular slow cooker. Like, it cooks at a pace that is anything but slow. I put frozen chicken in it this afternoon, and I’m confident it will be perfect by the time we eat dinner. My much newer Crock Pot does not perform like this. It has weird things like timers and settings like high, low and warm. Strange, I know!

A month ago, the low setting on my vintage gave out. Now we have high or nothing. But really, one might ask themselves, why would you want anything but the high setting when you’re the kind of mom who scrambles around to find something for dinner only a few short hours before that actual event is set to happen?

This little fast cooker is my favorite.

Until last week, when I was slow/fast cooking ground beef for tacos. (Yes, I make pretty much every meal in this thing.) And it STOPPED WORKING. You can imagine my upset. My other Crock Pot doesn’t know me like this one. It doesn’t know I’m a disorganized mess who flounders around praying an idea for dinner will fall from the sky like manna. But this vintage specimen? It gets me.

I mourned this slow-cooker on steroids. I almost threw it out. But before parting with it, I decided to plug it in one more time just to check if it would work again.


(On high only. But still, I’ll take it.)

I was so excited. As I relayed my story to my husband that night at dinner—he’s such a lucky guy to be regaled with my adventurous tales when he gets home from work—he made a concerned face. “You should throw it out. Haven’t you seen This is Us??”

I laughed. And I suppose he’s right… I probably should probably give this ol’ girl up.

And I will. I promise. I will…

When she gives out completely. 🙂

And I know, I know, you’re all going to tell me to get an Instant Pot. They’re perfect for last minute mamas like me. I want one. I’m considering it. But I’ll tell you the truth—if this favorite of mine finally gives up and rolls over, it’s quite possible you’ll find me at the thrift store or a garage sale looking for another just like it. 😉

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  1. Donna Griffin

    Lol….I still have the crock pot. I had in college. I’ve never had a brand new one always one that was passed down. I know my crockpot, I know how much time it takes to cook my dinners, soups,etc. I wouldnt trade it for a new one. Besides, it’s a relationship we have going on with each other….

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  2. Winnie Thomas

    LOL I have 3 crockpots– a large round one, a large oval one, and I snagged my Mom’s smaller one when she passed away (because you can never have enough crockpots)! I have an Insta pot now, too, and I use it for boiling eggs (they turn out perfectly) and I’ve also cooked some freezer burned chicken breasts in it. I stuck the chicken breasts in it and poured a can of chicken broth over them. I pressured cooked them for about 20 minutes, then turned the Insta pot on slow cook for about 4 hours or so. They cooked beautifully, and only the cook knew how badly they were freezer burned! I asked a couple of people what they do with freezer burned chicken, and they said to throw it out

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  3. Winnie Thomas

    Jill, I think the smallest one from my mother is a close relative of yours! It’s pretty old. I use the larger ones when the kids and grandkids come. They’re a big big for just the two of us.

  4. Annie

    I totally get it. I was quite sad to have to part with the one my mom gave me when I moved away. It makes the best soup (aside from my mom’s, that is).

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  5. Carol

    I have 2!!! 1970s vintage avocado green I still use. One was Terry’s Aunt Lena’s!!!!! Gifted to me when she no longer used it –but I do use it—— AND Sarah is coming home soon HMMMM! You may get more than you bargain for!!

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  6. Judy

    Our hand me down crock pot was great until we plugged it in one time
    And sparks flew and it had welded itself into the outlet and blown the fuse. We had to cut the cord and replace the whole outlet. I got a new one that works great and is bigger plus we got the insta pot and love it! Went and got a fancy cook book for it. You’ll be fine if the original
    One does. I promise.

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  7. Katherine Good

    I get this! I had a desk fan of the same vintage. I grew up without air conditioning and it was the one I claimed every summer for my room. When I moved out, I took it with me. It gave out a few years ago and I’ve been looking for one its equal ever since. I can’t find a fan that blows as strong. I still get sad thinking about it.

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