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We live in an older home that we have slowly remodeled over the years. The bathroom off the master is about the size of a small closet. Or so it feels sometimes. My husband calls it my bathroom because it’s too small for both of us to use. He uses the main bath. What can I say – he’s a gem!

Lately things have been feeling cramped in there, so I decided to purge and give it a little facelift. No one really sees it but me or my immediate family, so it can be hard to spend money just for myself. But that’s exactly what I did! It felt a little decadent, but I’m so glad I made some changes.

I decided to go with a navy/nautical theme because I love water, and I really miss the lakes I grew up with in Minnesota. The first thing I did was grab this fun navy and white shower curtain

One of our favorite places to visit in Minnesota is Duluth. After much contemplating, I decided to order these adorable postcards from Etsy. 

Growing up, I visited all of these placed in Duluth, and my husband and kids have been to quite a few of them also. The ice cream shop featured—Portland Malt Shoppe—is the yummiest! And it’s right on a hill overlooking Lake Superior. Definitely recommend if you’re ever in the area. And of course the lift bridge is so fun. Seeing a huge slip slide into the harbor is always a highlight in Duluth.

I thought the postcards were beautiful and artistic. The bring a little taste of home for me while still creating some style.

I ordered the frame from amazon. I always think I’m going to shop elsewhere, but Amazon gets me with the free, fast shipping every single time!

I filled my garage sale vintage jars with bathroom supplies. 

I also ordered these hanging baskets from amazon. They were made for a nursery, so I snipped off the small tags that made them look babyish and viola—they were ready to go.

Other than creating storage wherever I could, I did some reorganizing and purging. The bathroom now makes me happy whenever I enter the space! I’m glad I spent a little bit of money and made it more personable.

I was so inspired by my bathroom makeover that I did my kitchen pantry cupboard next. I reorganized and purchased a few bins that were tall so that I could take advantage of the large height in my pantry cupboard shelving. I’ve been driving my family nuts by saying things like put that back in the right spot! And open chips go there, not there! 😊 But even with my hounding, I think everyone has enjoyed the re-envisioned space. I even had room left on the top shelf to move a few things over.

Next I’m planning to tackle the hall closet which definitely needs some love.

How about you—have you done any reorganizing lately? Or perhaps, unlike me, you’re always organized. 😉 Does organizing make you feel good after you’ve done it, or is that just me?

Jill Lynn

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  1. Maritza

    I haven’t done any organizing lately but plan to. I’d like to have my backyard done up, it’s just weeds and dead brush back there. We also need plumbing work done, have a leaking shower in both bathrooms.

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