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Sending a book baby out into the world is always hard. My fingers tighten on the spine. I want to tuck it away in a drawer. Hide it. People could react without love. They could tell me they don’t like it. And this Just Show Up book baby is the most special. This book has my heart on every page. How can I let people judge that? I am broken on the pages. I was losing a dear friend with each word that dropped from my fingers. My journal entries from the journey with Kara are there for all to see. Surely it would be better to tuck this away and keep it safe.

And then the Lord admonishes me. This is MY book. It has always been my book. Remember when you cried out on your knees to me for the words? Remember when you asked why me? I gave you the words and the pages. It is mine, and now you have to give it back to me.

The book baby flies into the world, innocent. Hoping. Hoping to help someone. To find some hearts to hold and love. To say to another, you have done well. You are doing well. Keep loving. Keep reaching out, even when it’s painful and you want to hide like me. Keep obeying. Love BIG.

And then I hear from one person that they did something for a friend they would never have done in the past. They showed up, and they were blessed.

I hear from another person that people have come to sit with them in their suffering. They could not fix it, but they were present.

And from another, that they have been encouraged in ministry and understand it in a way they never have before.

From another that they laughed and cried and were encouraged.

And then I cry. This book baby was not easy to write or release. This book baby is close to my heart. It is my heart. It is Kara’s heart, and she’s not here to answer my text. To laugh and celebrate and cry with. But as always, God reminds me that anything I do is from him and for him. It is his and always has been. Any gifts are from him. They are mine only in order to worship him, to honor him, to draw people to him.

Whatever you’re holding on to today, I get it. I get it big time. But if he’s nudging you to obey, to follow, to give it back to him, I will stand with you as you do it. I will hold your hand and say, fly baby, fly. This was never mine to hold. Only to dream of for a little while, and then to let go.

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  1. Megan

    Yes, yes, yes!!! Push this baby out of the nest. It is a good one! I hear you though, my book baby sometimes makes my heart skip a beat. I’m not actually always the best role model. 🙂

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  2. Sue Powell

    Dear Sister-Friend~In the most literal sense of the Word,this ‘book baby’ was so clearly and profoundly,a Labor of Love,yours,Kara’s,and God’s,as each one is very evident and powerfully anointed.’Thank you’ ,for your courage,to step out of your comfort zone,for His Glory,and for Kara’s sake,as you continue to ‘let go’,and simply trust your ‘baby’ to the One Who planned for it to happen,*while you and Kara were still being knit together in your mother’s wombs’! He knew then,as He knows now,every Divine-Connection is to help someone else in the journey through all the hard and painful things that everyone will experience…”Suffering that produces credibility and common ground”,is the only kind He can redeem for the encouragement and blessing in someone else’s life. “Well done,His good and faithful servant”.You are so loved! Sue4Him

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  3. Mim

    I am part of a FB group (Family Christian Bloggers) and was offered the opportunity to review the book Just Show Up in return for a review. I had no idea what I was in for, but God did. I got the book yesterday and already am halfway done with it. You are writing on those pages, and I can see myself, an introvert, always trying to hide behind the elephant squishing my foot. I can recognize my own self in your words, and while it doesn’t always pertain to a friend or an illness, your words are speaking to me, in volumes. I am so excited to finish the book and post a review on my own blog. And btw I have been there done that with typing something out or writing something out and then deleting it or saving it as a draft, afraid to hit publish for someone else to see my words. I have even gone so far as posting something important and then deleting it hours later because I am too filled with anxiety. But seeing how you have been able to overcome it because God put that in you and because of your dear friend Kara, it is inspiring to say the least. I cannot even begin to say I understand losing a friend, because I have never lost someone close to me like that, but so many people have and this book is going to change how people relate to the person who is going through a hard time. Your words matter. Thank you for writing this book- Thank you to Kara for her desire to write this book- and Thank you to God for being the push.

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      Oh my goodness!Thank you for writing this. I’m so glad you did! Sounds like we could be soul sisters. 🙂 Thank you so much for encouraging me. I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles and does this stuff–and that you were encouraged. With God, we can do anything. Right?? Thank you so much for your kind words. <3

      1. Mim

        I just tweeted my review of the book (on my own blog) and tagged you in it (@Misadventures6). I cannot even imagine how you were able to write the book, because just in writing up my review I wrote and deleted like 5 times. There were just no words good enough to describe the feeling it gave me. I wish hospitals all over the country would buy this book and give it as a gift to the family/friends of newly diagnosed cancer patients. Anyway, I am left feeling very different and the prayer that keeps going through my mind is, “not my will, but Yours.”

  4. Karen Jean

    I cannot find words to express how your “book baby” has encouraged me. I am a believer in being present but have allowed other voices to speak louder than the Holy Spirit within me. Why do we believe people when we know what we are called to? People tend to run from pain and hard. People are eternal. Thank you for bravely speaking truths the church needs to hear. I needed to hear.♡

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