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It’s book release day! My book baby is officially entering the world today. Many of you have asked me where it’s available, and while I don’t know if each city is the same, I do know that I’ve personally seen Love Inspired books in Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Mardel. Most book stores should carry it.

But now, enough about the book. Let me tell you the really important news about today.

This girl is turning ten.

And really, not even my first book release is more important than that. 🙂

What could possibly help celebrate this momentous double occasion?

I feel a sarcastic bio is in order. I know your excitement just went through the roof! This is what I came up with on a day when I was supposed to be writing a real bio. Crazily enough, these words flowed way better. 😉



20141227_144213This is an example of why Jill shouldn’t take selfies.

Jill thinks it’s strange to talk about herself in third person. Jill has won one award. She would write more awards and accolades here but she doesn’t have any. Yet. Jill started writing books to avoid cleaning and doing laundry. She’s highly sarcastic and mildly temperamental. She laughs loudly—her husband says she’s one of the only people who can use LOL and mean it. Jill’s from Minnesota so even saying her name three times in one paragraph is achingly close to bragging. Jill has a book releasing today. You should buy it. Jill can’t believe she just said that.

If there’s anything I’ve learned on this road to publication, it’s that I have THE BEST people. Thanks for celebrating with me today!

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  1. Beth K. Vogt

    I think every writer should be required to write a sarcastic bio … it would be cathartic. LOL
    I especially like the line about starting to write to avoid laundry and housecleaning.
    Congratulations in first, second and third person.


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  2. Megan

    love this!! sarcasm and all. not mine — yours. proud of you! can’t wait to fall for texas. (can’t believe this colorado girl just said that. only for you….)

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  3. Paula Magner Nystrom


    I pre-ordered you book on Amazon. I got it and read it today – all in one sitting. Loved it!! Great story – easy to read – keep my attention – loved how you told the story. Wonderful message. Great characters!! I will be waiting for the next Jill Lynn novel!! So proud of you!

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